Style Report: Brooches Reinvented

Brooches have been a part of the wedding scene since weddings have been around, usually taking precedent as “something old” or “something borrowed” with family heirlooms. But nowadays, they’re making a huge comeback in a whole new way. The uses for brooches in weddings have been recently rediscovered, and are truly endless. Brooches are beautiful pieces of art that can make a big statement. They have that unique vintage flair that adds pizzazz to pretty much anything you can attach it to. We’re excited to share a few of the different ways brides are using these fabulous, little brooches to flaunt their own unique style. Have fun with these creative ideas, and enjoy!

One of the most innovative ways brooches are being used these days is for the bridal bouquet. Brides discovered they could have a unique bouquet to last them a lifetime if they used brooches instead of fresh flowers. The great thing about brooch bouquets is that you can even get brooches to match the colors of your wedding!

Some brides, although intrigued with the idea of a brooch bouquet, still might want a bridal bouquet of fresh flowers, which it totally fine! Simply add a brooch or two to the handle of the bouquet!

Other brides might want to mix things up a bit and add a brooch or two within their bouquet of fresh flowers. Believe us when we say that the options are truly endless when it comes to using brooches and/or flowers.

Brooches can be incorporated into different types of jewelry as well. These necklaces are great showstopper pieces for any bride or bridesmaid. These statement necklaces just add a sense of nostalgia and vintage charm.

Brooches on shoes are also a great way to add some sparkle and shine to any simple, classic pump. Brides, don’t forget to lift up your dress and let those shoes speak for themselves!

Brooches are a great way to add some bling to your already beautiful wedding gown or bridesmaid dress. It’s a simple gesture that goes a long way to impress. They look really great when added to a sash or bow already on the gown.

Brooches on wedding cakes are fun and classy. They add something unexpected, in comparison to fresh or sugar gum paste flowers. If you want to incorporate some of your favorite brooches into your cake, just take them to your cake designer and have them work it into their design.

Again if you want it, you can make it happen. Brooches can go on just about anything. Chair sashes are no exception. Look at how the brooch adds that finishing touch and really pops against the pink chair sash:

Instead of using typical napkin holder rings, go above and beyond by creating your own with a couple of brooches in different shapes and sizes. We promise you that your guests will notice and appreciate this simple and sophisticated detail.

Brooches can also be pinned to any purse which makes it super easy to create a customized handbag just for you.

Finally, we have the lovely brooches that can be made into any cute hair piece. If you have a favorite brooch you want to wear in your hair, simply attach it to a barrette or alligator clip and you are all set to go!

We hope that these images have inspired you to go out and STYLE your own wedding! Just remember brooches are a great way to add some flair to any of your favorite pieces!

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