Style Report: Popular Wedding Favors

Wedding favors come in all shapes and sizes with truly endless options for each bride and groom.  With all these choices you might be wondering which direction to go in to please all your lovely guests.  Lucky for you, we’ve researched and scoped out four of this season’s most popular favor choices to give to your wedding guests.


Guests love special and unique treats, especially when they get to take it home with them. What better way to fill a sweet tooth then by featuring a candy/dessert bar. You can display all your childhood favorites in festive glass jars, or even vintage apothecary jars. The same goes for having a dessert bar; simply display all your favorite types of sweets on different sized trays on varying levels or in glass cookie jars and get ready to see them gradually disappear.  What’s great about having a candy/dessert bar is you can have everything from chocolate to gummy candies to cake pops. Not only that but you can color coordinate your wedding colors with the colors you choose for each individual candy (i.e. M&M’s and Gumballs). All you need to provide are scoops and baggies for guests to take home their sweet treat.


Some couples would rather not spend money on favors they know their guests will end up throwing away or not find much use for. A great way for a couple to express themselves is for them to donate to a charity of their choice on behalf of their guests that is near and dear to them. For example, the bride and groom could hand out green ribbon pins for guests to wear to demonstrate that they donated to help cure muscular dystrophy or pink ribbon for breast cancer.


Guests like favors that are practical but fit appropriately with the wedding theme. For example, a gift a couple could give their guest if they were having a destination wedding in Hawaii would be sunscreen bottles with the bride and grooms name on it, or flip flops that fall in with the wedding color scheme.  Another example would be to give measuring spoons in the shapes of hearts as favors if the bride and groom like to cook or bake.


Guests love the opportunity to use props and take multiple unique photos with their friends and family. These booths will easily create many fun memories for your guests and is also a great way to take up time when they want a break from the dance floor. It will give them the chance to have fun, let loose, and be creative. Allowing guests to take home the pictures serve as a memorable favor because they’ll always be able to look back and reminisce about all the fun, love, and laughter they had shared at your wedding.

Whichever wedding favor you choose, your guests will appreciate the thought and effort you’ve put into it. You can’t go wrong with edible, personal, practical, or memorable favors. Now that you’re inspired, you can personalize any of these unique favors to fit your own wedding.

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